I got some sad news today and it’s not the first time. It turns out that a girl in my daughter’s class says she’s gross because she doesn’t eat meat. This girl regularly makes fun of the food my daughter has in her lunch and it is impacting her enjoyment of it.

I made the kids rice pudding as a treat this week. It should have been well-liked. Rice, sweet soy milk, cinnamon and raisins – I thought it would be a nice surprise even though they’d never had it before. But there was a girl who told my daughter it looked like poo and so my sweetheart sadly told me she didn’t really enjoy it.

This isn’t the first incident of bullying she dealt with at school. She has been singled out for the food she eats – which led to a stage of her asking for sandwiches for lunch everyday so her lunch looked normal.

It’s not shocking, when I come to think of it. I’ve dealt with a lot of teasing and meanness myself at work. I’ve had coworkers try the vegan pizza and then spend every opportunity to tell everyone it was gross. A lot of people just feel the need to comment and most of the time, I don’t think it’s meant in a mean way.

I’m sensitive to the way my kids treat others. We’ve raised our kids not to comment on other people’s food. I choose what is on my plate and it has nothing to do with anyone else.


In fact, when the subject of veganism comes up, it usually isn’t my choice. I’m living according to my own values and I’ve told my story of how and why more times than I’ve wanted to. It’s not a secret, obviously. But there are other things to talk about.

Have your kids had similar experiences? How do you handle it?

12 thoughts on “Vegan kids at school and bullying

  1. That’s so sad that other kids would do that, shows their parent’s lack of proper teaching or care. Often kids who are bullies have an unmet need so take it out on others. You always make nice homemade food for them & maybe this girl’s mom doesn’t so she’s jealous.

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  2. It’s sad, little soul has to go through this. We follow vegetarian diet, no eggs,no animals. We teach our kids to respect all food. There are people who don’t eat potatoes and garlic too, so we should be strong and follow our heart.

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  3. Kids are just miniature adults so perhaps teach your lovely children this phrase, “Thankfully it is only your opinion, but not the truth.” every time her peers says they mean about her diet.
    Best wishes for you and your family and lots of love!

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  4. My son would have to deal with some of that from his peers too sometimes. He said he would never give them a reaction. That’s what we talked about at home, doing as a response. No reaction, means people get bored with picking on you about it. He said he would stand up for himself too, if they said something was gross he would ask why? And how is eating animals less gross? He’s a pretty even keeled little dude, so he just would never let them see him sweat.

    Sorry your little one has to go through this. Kids are so rough to one another sometimes. It’s really not fair for her to get crap for her good hearted choices.

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    1. Thanks – I think kids will always find a reason to tease. And my daughter feels emotions too strongly to pretend they don’t hurt her. I’m glad your son is able to keep a poker face. Luckily her teachers are kind and are able to press others to be kind too. And kindness is a good start!

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